The left leg of Henry Hughes Cooper

As you will probably already know Wales is packed full of myths and legends from north to south, from east to west.


However on our Abbeys tour Richard will tell you the story of the left leg of Henry Hughes Cooper buried at Saint Mary's Church near Strata Florida.

But what about the rest of him I hear you ask?

Well... many years ago, before the days of medical advancements in anaesthetics and antiseptics Mr Henry Hughes Cooper unfortunately needed to have his leg amputated to save his life.

Thankfully he survived the surgery and requested that his amputated leg be buried in the churchyard, in the plot where one would think the rest of him would also occupy when he died and the request was then granted.

As fate would have it many years later, the Mr Hughes Cooper emigrated to America, leaving his leg behind, and when he passed the rest of Mr Hughes Cooper was buried in the United States also leaving his leg behind!

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Andrew Williams