Sara Ayliffe - My magical watefalls tour

Following our recent trip with the Wye life and Hereford walking and camera club we caught up with budding member Sara Ayliffe to find out about her experience as part of the trip.


myn liae 02.03.18.JPG

Welsh Overland Safari (WOS): Sara, you recently took a tour with Welsh Overland Safari with the Wye Life and Hereford walking and camera club how did you get involved with group?

Sara Ayliffe (SA): I saw a friend of mine on Facebook posting photos on the group, I have always like taking photography but not seriously, so when I saw this, I thought I could do that and put a couple of photos on they got a good response, so the hobby then took off.

WOS: The group took part in the central beacons tour; were there lots of opportunities for you to practice your photography skills? Were they any pictures you took in particular you are proud of?

SA: Yes there was lots of opportunities to stop for photographs, I am most proud of this one of Maen Llia standing stone (pictured) and the other is of the waterfall we walked under!

WOS: Did the tour meet your initial expectations, did the tour include anything you were not expecting?

SA: It was a wonderful tour I didn't realise we were going to see the standing stone, which I had seen on TV and wanted to visit it, also the lovely village of Ystradfellte with the quaint Church (St Marys Church) and very welcoming Pub (The New Inn).

WOS: What was your personal highlight of the tour?

SA: Walking behind the waterfall, which I wouldn't of done if Richard from Overland safari hadn't of encouraged and guided me

WOS: What advice would you give to others, who maybe don’t have the confidence for walking longer distances/somewhere new would you give thinking of booking one of our tours?

SA: Richard and Andrew do not rush you on the tour and encouraged to do it at your own pace making sure you are safe so no matter what your level of fitness is, they are there to help you.

WOS: Are there any other comments you would like to add about the tour?

SA: Doing this tour is personal achievement for me, 12 months ago I was 2 and a half stone heavier, and would not of been able to complete this walk, I am determined to carry on loosing weight and getting fitter and to do one of the Overland Safaris again as it was  a wonderful experience!

Thank you for your kind words Sara, we are really glad you enjoyed the tour and look forward to you booking your next Welsh Overland Safari!

Andrew Williams