Inside the Church of St Issui, Patricio

This remote and beautiful church, situated on the southern slopes of the Gader Range is part of our Eastern Beacons tour….

The church is named after St Issui, an early Celtic saint who is thought to have built a cell here. The site became a place of pilgrimage after he was murdered.

Among the church's treasures are an exquisite rood screen, carved out of Irish oak, and some interesting medieval wall paintings probably painted with biblical scenes in the middle ages.

The pick of the paintings is a skeleton “doom” figure on the west wall. A skeleton bearing an hour glass, scythe and spade, reminding us that in time all must be cut down and die!

At the rear of the church is an unusual dugout parish chest carved out of a solid tree trunk, with iron bands around it and three locks. It was once used for the safe keeping of parish valuables. The Rector and Church Wardens each held a key to one of the three locks, so the chest could only be opened when all three were present.

The churchyard was originally very small, but has been extended in the last hundred years and now stretches as far as the lane. It retains a medieval churchyard cross and is still used for modern burial.

The today church continues to serve the small parish of Patricio (also called Patrisio or Partishow)

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Andrew Williams